Monday, March 22, 2010

TVD's Record Store Day 2010 Label Showcase | Daptone Records

If there's one label who are most proud of their vinyl output, it's
Daptone Records. Never mind that they're responsible for some of the tastiest Soul, Funk, Gospel and Afrobeat discs out there.

I mean, how's this for a mission statement?

"Hand-made and heart-stirred, our records are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl available. Our limited pressings can be purchased directly from us or from your local distributor at reasonable prices. Each record is carefully recorded and mixed by the illustrious Bosco Mann to ensure only the hardest, truest sound found this side of the Atlantic."

This week, we're hanging out with the funky denizens of Daptone—as we have previously with the bands and artists from Sarathan Records and Vanguard Records—to get a beat on their most favorite record stores as we continue to beat the drum for Record Store Day 2010.

And beat the drum we shall. Kicking us off and counting us in this week is the drummer for none other than Sharon Jones & The Dap-kings, Homer Steinweiss:

"It is mid-March in Austin, and the cacophony known as South by Southwest is in full effect. I take a break from the madness to visit one of my favorite record stores, Friends of Sound Records at 1704 S. Congress Street. This place is not too big but it has a great selection and lots of new inventory coming through all the time.

Walking in, you are greeted by a nice collection of soul, funk, and reggae 45's. I go through the 45's first and continue on to a well-categorized LP section. The store deals mostly, if not all, in
used records. It's got a listening station (key when digging for records), the prices are reasonable, and the staff is always kind. The overall vibe in this place is great, not mention the fact that it is around the corner from Guero's for delicious Tex-Mex and Allen's Boots for all your western outfitting needs.

Unfortunately, this time around I only have a half hour to dig as I have to get back to 6th street for a show—still enough time to pick up 3 good finds. First off is "Irma Thomas Sings," a great compilation of Irma Thomas classics released on the Bandy label. It's hard to find most of these great tunes, so this album is a real gem.

Next is "Pillow Talk" by Sylvia. As the title suggests, this is a record for lovers. Its smooth soul from New Jersey and it doesn't disappoint. Finally, I got Hank Ballard's 45, "How You Gonna Get Respect (when you haven't cut your process yet)." This song is a riff on the James Brown Classic "Licking Stick" with a more political message. I have always loved this song for its quirky arrangement and powerful vocals and I finally found the original 45.

Thank you Friends of Sound Records!"

Sharon Jones & The Dap-kings - Nobody's Baby (Mp3)

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Francis, Monday (3/22) at the House of Sweden

Allow me to just point out that press releases rarely come better written or more - shall we say - intriguing:

"A man once said: "To say that you know what Francis is about without having experienced it face to face is like saying that you've had sexual intercourse when you actually only have seen porn"."

Take that, I say! Here's another quote:

"Francis are blowing my mind. Swedes rocking big-band and blues like from the back of a speakeasy in the heyest heyday of the Roaring 20s? Yes, please. Driving drums and bold, harsh vocals belie their rock and roll sensibilities. ALSO THEY ARE SWEDISH! God bless globalization, you guys." - Music For Misanthropes

Suitably intrigued to see what Francis is up to? Well, lucky you. We've got two pairs of tickets and their debut CD for two winners for their appearance this coming Monday night (3/22) at the House of Sweden.

Your steamiest analogy or response left in the comments to this post —with a contact email address! gets the tickets to she show and the CD. We'll choose two winners by noon on 3/22!

Francis - Ten Thousand Times (Mp3)
Francis - Eternal Souls (Mp3)

TVD 24-Hour Ticket Giveaway | Pirate Love, Tuesday (3/23) at The Quarry House Tavern w/ Thee Vicars

“Pirate Love mixes a delightful refreshing blend of garage, punk, rockabilly and goth, in the veins of The Cramps, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nirvana and The Stooges.... a primal sound with references to hate, drugs, revenge and violence in a gorgeous package. Sincere sounding, and one can only surmise that the songwriters have had some serious misadventures along the way......"Black Vodoun Space Blues" is an excellent debut from a band that has chosen a path that hasn't already been trampled to pieces. —ABC News

Hm. Since when did ABC News have its finger on the 'in-the-know' button?

But—they're right. And we've got a pair of tickets to put you right up there with the hipsters in the ABC Newsroom.

Pirate Love sails into Silver Spring tomorrow night (3/23) so you have to ask fast! Grab the tracks, check out the vid, and when you come down, hit us up in the comments to this post—with contact email info!—and we'll get one of you the pair of tickets for Tuesday night's show.


Pirate Love - Ain't Nothing To Do (A Kiss Hello) (Mp3)
Pirate Love - Laughing Gas (Mp3)