Friday, November 30, 2007

TVD's Weekend Shots | The Beatles Live at the BBC

We weren't much for holiday music around the house growing up, although Mom would have WQXR literally booming through the house every day like clockwork. WQXR is the radio station of the New York Times, emanating from from the heart of the Big Apple and at such volume would shake the paintings on the wall in our living room all the way down the East Coast to the Jersey Shore. It was (and still is) a classical music station with the requisite news breaks on the hour. Its playlist became the soundtrack for the house...Schubert, Mozart, Liszt mixed in there along with, at times, Woody Guthrie and other "classical" folkies. You'd never hear, for example, the Elvis Christmas record, or the Sinatra one, or the Bing Crosby one, or the Fred Astaire was, and still is in her house, all classical -- all the time. So, it took me back recently to realize that I actually did have a December/holiday season favorite -- and it's this Beatles BBC Sessions LP. Here 'tis, the brilliantly funny, still sunny Beatles sending up the proper Brit announcer then blasting out a standard, an original, or a favorite Chuck Berry composition. And each Christmastime like clockwork, this slides out from the stacks and becomes the most frequented LP of the season. I mean, what's Christmas without catching up with some dear, dear friends?

The Beatles - Riding On A Bus (Chatter) (Mp3)
The Beatles - Carol (Mp3)
The Beatles - I Feel Fine (Mp3)
The Beatles - Long Tall Sally (Mp3)
The Beatles - Lucille (Mp3)
The Beatles - Sha La La La La! (Chatter) (Mp3)
The Beatles - Slow Down (Mp3)
The Beatles - Some Other Guy (Mp3)
The Beatles - Ticket To Ride (Mp3)
The Beatles - You Really Got A Hold On Me (Mp3)

TVD's Morning Wax | Gary Clark "Ten Short Songs About Love"

Love us some Gary Clark here at TVD, be it Danny Wilson, King L, Transister and well, solo. The great unsung talent of British rock music is not Nick Drake but genius Scot Gary Clark - the man who wrote the immortal "Mary's Prayer", and could make an Abba song "Knowing Me, Knowing You" - seem not camp and cute, but the most tragic love song ever written.

Five great reasons to hunt down "Ten Short Songs..."
Gary Clark - This Is Why, J. (Mp3)
Gary Clark - A Short Song About Love (Mp3)
Gary Clark - Nancy (Mp3)
Gary Clark - Baby Blue No. 2 (Mp3)
Gary Clark - Any Sunday Morning (Mp3)