Friday, July 30, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon! | I began my journey as a free form radio DJ about a year ago. Some weeks the show feels like a hobby, some weeks an addiction. In truth, rock n roll is more my religion than an obsession.

My goal for the Idelic Hour has always been to create a “playlist” in which a cool new song can sit musically next to a classic from my collection. As many of you who’ve listened in know, each week has a theme or muse. All this said, I believe The Idelic Hour to be “free form” because really anything goes. I just try and let the music make the show and do the talking, if that makes any sense?

This past week I noticed a bunch of the blogs have posted their favorite album of the year so far. It made me realize for one, many of us dig the same shit, and for two, I’ve been playing way more “retro” sets this summer.

For this week’s Idelic Hour I thought I’d fall in line with my own playlist of 100% all new and favorite songs from 2010. I’m calling the show “ok so far” because in a world that feels so tenuous with our earthquakes, leaks, and tight pockets, our new music is still pretty fucking cool! The list contains, what I refer to (with a chuckle) as, “Idelic Hits” like The National, Ariel Pink, Best Coast, and The Black Keys mixed with some lesser known 2010 standouts, Sarabeth Tucek, Cate LeBon and Luther Russell keeping this summer cool.

By the way, we have two new features: direct streaming of The Idelic Hour and The Idelic “Hit of the Week.”

xosidealer | @sidelic

The Idelic Hour Podcast [7/30/2010] (Mp3, 85Mg)

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
Diego Garcia - You Were Never There (Mp3)

TVD | Windian Records First Anniversary Week

Sweet Sixteens - Submarine (Mp3)

In celebration of Windian Records First Anniversary, this week we're looking back at the label's entire output of 7"s over the past 12 months.

Enter to win passes for Windian Records back to back First Anniversary Parties at Velvet Lounge this coming Friday and Saturday nights right HERE.

TVD | Windian Records First Anniversary Week Giveaway

As mentioned Monday, DC's Windian Records celebrates its first year anniversary with two back to back Anniversary Parties this Friday and Saturday night at Velvet Lounge and courtesy of Windian, we've got passes to put in your hands for both nights.

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We'll have two winners in our Windian Week giveaway—each will win passes to both nights at Velvet, the poster, and one of the tees you see above.

Now, we know you want to be there, so we'll make it easy for you. Simply plead your case in the comments to this post as to why you should be the Windian winner and the most convincing two comments seal the deal.

Make 'em good and make 'em before noon on Friday (7/30) when we'll choose our two winners. And don't forget to leave us a contact email address!