Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Jellyfish "Spilt Milk"

If Jellyfish's appropriation of their influences on "Bellybutton" was more visual over sonic, "Spilt Milk" was the answer to my nagging question back then--are these guys for real?

"Completely wiping away any lingering whiff of psych hype, Spilt Milk is sharper and far more vibrant than its predecessor, with clever hooks galore. Masterfully recorded, arranged and sequenced (Jellyfish's Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning joined Jack Joseph Puig and Albhy Galuten for a four-man production committee), the disc is sophisticated enough to engender Queen comparisons. Cushioned by creamy harmonies, "New Mistake" brilliantly swirls and soars like aural tiramisu. "Joining a Fan Club" and "The Ghost at Number One" have as much spinning melodic punch as any Raspberries or Cheap Trick gem; the crisply edited "All Is Forgiven" is built around a thunderous rhythm track, while "Russian Hill" spins a more pensive, acoustic web," Trouser Press, my legitimate go-to, has noted.

"Aural tiramisu"...is that short-hand for "best release of the '90's"?

Jellyfish - New Mistake (Mp3)
Jellyfish - The Glutton Of Sympathy (Mp3)
Jellyfish - All Is Forgiven (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Russian Hill (Mp3)
Jellyfish - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (Mp3)