Saturday, February 20, 2010

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Fredrik w/ Meredith Bragg and Pree, Monday (2/22) The Black Cat

"Record stores are getting rarer by the day, but one that will be around for a long time is Rundgang in the rougher southern part of Malmo. "Rundgang" means both "feedback" and "circulation" in Swedish. They buy, sell, and stock everything from eclectic new sounds to kraut, italo, punk, and early minimalist works. They also sell/trade books and DIY fashion, and they function as a hub and meeting place for the local noise/free form/weird-format music scene.

We've played several sidewalk shows outside the store at street festivals, and over the years we've just generally met a lot of good people there, staff and patrons alike. Anyone passing by should take the time to check it out..."

And that's how we've felt about Fredrik the band for sometime—you must take the time to check them out. Quietly unassuming and enveloping, we'd say.

And now you can say it too.

We got a pair if tickets for what's shaping up to be a bit of a Kora Records/SXSW Showcase Monday night (2/22) at The Black Cat. The DC label is hosting an evening with three of it's acts on its roster—Fredrik, Meredith Bragg, and Pree—in advance of the yearly jaunt down to Austin. (More on the SXSW showcase here.)

Your task to win the tickets is the same as always—convince us it's you who should be front and center Monday night in the comments to this post and we'll award the pair of tickets to the person who sufficiently twists our arms. Leave us some contact info too! Contest closes Monday (2/22) at noon!

Fredrik - Locked in the Basement (Mp3)