Monday, April 19, 2010

TVD's Red Meat

Feels a little like the morning after the prom around here to be honest.

The 3rd Annual Record Store Day is in the books and by all of the accounts I’ve witnessed and read, ‘twas quite a success indeed. We’ve got the last batch of RSD2010 vinyl from our giveaways lined up to ship and with that, we’ll have dispatched our duties for another year.

But we’re not going anywhere—we’ll still be bringing you what you’ve grown accustomed to over the close to 3 (!) years now. But we’re also mindful of what brought many of you here in the first place – free shit.

And it’s not just the vinyl we toss out at you each week – it’s the Mp3s from the archives which was an early TVD carrot and stick. And frankly, while we’ve developed quite the speedy and handy way of regurgitating the new tracks that land in our email daily, the ones from the archives have the most appeal. Well, for me anyway.

The conundrum has been...well, Google and their silent and speedy way of axing the blogs of copyright offenders and and even perceived offenders. This has happened often without legitimate cause or merit, never mind a warning or discussion. BOOM. Gone.

So we’ve cowtowed a bit to Google’s hammer because, with all transparency, we made commitments to the Record Store Day folks, the labels featured over the past month, and the advertisers splattered over there to the left — to just be here. It’s been a responsibility that we’ve welcomed with open arms which also meant we sorta had to play along.

So, it’s the morning after prom. My mascara’s running and there’s sand in my shorts and there’s old-style TVD read meat awaiting for the wolves at the downloading door.

Under wraps that is. We like to play by the rules.

Untitled #1 (Mp3)

Untitled #2 (Mp3)
Untitled #3 (Mp3)
Untitled #4 (Mp3)
Untitled #5 (Mp3)

It's Chris Grier's Vinyl District | The Record Store Day Interviews: Byron Coley

Record Store Day may have come and gone this weekend but that's not stopping us from waxing on a little while longer. —Ed.

"We ... know a lot of other people who are really kind of weird, heavy-duty collectors. When we get together, it's just horrible."

Here we are - America's favorite stunt-reviewer, musicologist, and record-collector: Byron Coley. The interview's long - about a half-hour - but well worth it, if I do say so myself.

One note, for clarity's sake: The "Bruce" mentioned around the 25-minute mark (during the Glenn Jones Destroys The Only Known Copy of A Shaggs 7" Anecdote) is our dear friend, Bruce Milne, who founded and ran the Au Go Go label and who now runs the Infidelity label in Melbourne, Australia. He is also fond of hot sauces, large haunches of lamb, and Martin & Lewis memorabilia. He has a want list that will break your Internet.

If you find any of this interesting or entertaining, it's certainly not due to my interviewing skills. No, it's probably because I was minimally bright enough to hit the big red "record" button and stay the hell out of Byron's way.

Please enjoy.

Chris Grier Interviews Byron Coley | The Vinyl District Podcast (Mp3)