Monday, June 30, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Jeff Beck "Beck-Ola"

In the 70's, the portion of the Jersey Shore where my family moved to known as Shark River Hills, was a mini-melting pot of various nationalities all taking refuge from either northern New Jersey (like us) or New York City. Families upon diverse families migrated several miles south and took up residence minutes away from the Atlantic. For example, within three or so blocks from my home, there were the French, the Belgians, the Russians, the Italians, the Irish, the Argentineans--and well, I could go on.

Many of these families also had children and as things normally go, we'd play at each other's house and earn a glimpse of traditions and practices not known in our own homes. Happily, I was handed a world view at an early age, fostered by going from house-to-house and door-to-door and being welcomed inside, which seems to have engendered a general acceptance of diversity.

Which brings me to the various musical families I, and this blog, visit from time to time. Some weeks it's a knock on the door of the Post Punk variety, then a stop over at the Glam residence, a chat with the New Wave neighbors, a sit down dinner with the FM Rockers, or a chill-out on the back porch with the 70's AM Gems. (I like the Metal family around the corner too, but is it me--they always seem to be a bit well, ...drunk?)

This week we'll break bread with a few neighbors who don't visit the blog all that often--those blues-rock pioneers from the 70's, or as I politely refer to 'em--the Career Revivalists. They're a bunch of great folks to be certain--just keep your daughters at a bit of a distance. And you might want to chain the liquor cabinet. Just sayin'.

Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart - All Shook Up (Mp3)
Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart - Jailhouse Rock (Mp3)
Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart - Plynth (Water Down The Drain) (Mp3)
Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart - Spanish Boots (Mp3)
Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart - The Hangman's Knee (Mp3)

(Hey, did anyone notice we took down Grandma's wallpaper and repainted?)