Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TVD's Libertine Circle | Jack Kerouac

I often find myself standing in crowded, dark, feverish clubs--pint in one hand, smudged stamp on the other--looking around. Perhaps just like you. Talking, listening to tongues wagging, wagging, and the current bullshit on the beatbox. I've made a career of it for years. You might have as well.

Yet, through the din, when was the last time someone said something to ya...y'know...somewhat enlightened? I know it wasn't me. I mean, I've got a pint to finish.

But how sweet that'd be. A few words strung together with insight and eloquence. Infused with heady danger and tangible truths. I look for this in music all the time. Better when you can sing along to the truths, right?

Yet, I'm in that dark room and for the ten millionth time tapping my toe to the oldies. "I'm in love with the rock and roll world/"I'm in love with the rock and roll world..."

The Beats had it I think. I imagine their conversations were these inspired, wordy, twisty bass lines of hep-dum. Hip-hop dumb. Centered and forceful and mesmerizing. Slick backed hair and rolled up sleeves. Cigs. Tons of cigs. And bourbon.

But as the song goes, born too late. I sorta don't know REALLY. What WAS I missing? What do I need to know now? Are the truths then the truths now? Is mercurial insight timeless and if so gotta get me some.

Hence, TVD's Libertine Circle (Allen Ginsberg's name for the brand of original Beat poets) and a few more days of talky vinyl, man.

After this week, in crowded, dark, feverish clubs--pint in one hand, smudged stamp on the other--you better come at me and bring it.

Inspired, you'll be.

(Pictured: Peter Orlovsky, Jack Kerouac, and William S. Burroughs in a photo by Allen Ginsberg)

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