Thursday, December 10, 2009

TVD Live Tease | Lightfoot, Saturday, December 12, at DC9 w/LIGHTS and We Were Pirates

I’ve missed several callings in life. There’s been no career at Marvel Comics drawing Spider-Man despite my facility with a pencil. My drum teacher “Don the Drum Master” thought I had some of the best hands he’d ever seen, but there’s been no career behind the kit. (And frankly, I think Don was just blowing smoke to keep me coming around for lessons...)

Thankfully, there’s one that doesn’t need a career goal to achieve: I can spot a star in the making. I can tell at note one or two who’s got it and who doesn’t. Who will forever be middling and just hover over the ground versus the ones destined for stratospheric trajectories. No shit. It’s a gift.

A number of months back, a friend of this blog Dave Mann put together a stellar evening of music over at The Black Cat that we hyped all week long—and the evening more than delivered. Beyond the band collectives however, I was struck by Jess, then of Vox Pop. I kept thinking to myself, “Why isn’t she singing EVERYthing?” She’s just that good.

Jess’ new project Lightfoot made is debut last month over at the Hotel and she joins LIGHTS and We Were Pirates this Saturday night (12/12) at DC9—where we encourage you to be.

Because stratospheric trajectories do, for a time, have launching pads.

"What’s especially interesting about [Lightfoot] is their pop-infused melancholy. There’s a searching and sadness to it, but it’s spring like and wistful. Something about acoustic guitar on rhythm–giving it that thick chug, and the lead of a semi-hollow body through a warm Fender tube amp…well, its cheerfully sad. It’s a triumphant sadness really. Also, Dye is a tremendous vocalist. Probably one of the best, earnest local singers I’ve heard. They remind me of Tanya Donnelly’s band Belly (the first album Star)."
—Brightest Young Things

TVD's Simple Aesthetics

I’ve gone on and on about it before. Hell, it’s even inspired a theme week or two. So, I’ll let it go.

TVD’s simple aesthetic #4: Post punk. NOT indie.

And the best of the post punk lot? Not Joy Division, not Gang of Four, et al...but ...The Sound.

The Sound - The Fire [Live] (Mp3)
The Sound - Where The Love Is [Live] (Mp3)
The Sound - Monument [Live] (Mp3)
The Sound - Love Is Not The Ghost [Live] (Mp3)
The Sound - Sense Of Purpose [Live] (Mp3)