Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TVD | Wavelength

A couple of months back I had concocted an entirely bizarre theme week: music I LOATHE. The gouge-out-your-eyes type of hatred normally reserved for your Korns, Counting Crows, Blick 182s, Nicklebacks, REMs ...well, you get the point. And this list grew very, very long to the point where I almost had a theme MONTH.

But cooler heads prevailed. ‘Nah...’ I thought the morning after this masterstroke...we’re about promoting positivity here at TVD. “Why foist crap music on the public at large?” So that theme week was relegated to the TVDustbin.

To put it mildly then today, I’m no fan of these five tracks selected to balance and give weight to a thesis whose premise I even find suspect: New Wave/Fresh Ears.

These five would have me running for the hills. Eyes all gouged out.

Billy Idol - White Wedding (Mp3)
Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science (Mp3)
Pete Wylie - Sinful (Mp3)
Kajagoogoo - Big Apple (Mp3)
Spandau Ballet - Musclebound (Mp3)