Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TVD's The Night After

(Ed’s note: The cruel, cruel irony of this blog endeavor is that it’s allowed quite a few opportunities to present themselves—shows, events, interviews—but with scant ability to seize upon all of the offers. I mean, someone’s got to run the shop and keep things clicking along daily, so I’ve allowed some things to pass us by.

I’ve thought for a long while that I need a person in the street to run around like crazy, seize upon the free passes, interview the bands, do the shots, pass out on the floor, and send us dispatches from the night. The stuff that can be recalled or discussed, that is.

And a loyal reader of this ol’ blog has stepped up to do just that. Nicole’s agreed to seize upon the free passes, interview the bands, do the shots, pass out on the floor, and send us dispatches from the night. It’s God’s work, really.

In actuality, Nicole’s a music-obsessive, scientist by day (really) who’s recently moved to the U Street area, so she’s well positioned to embark on the missions we send her way as well as the ones she conjures up for herself. Anticipate the free flow of enthusiastic energy.

While we were prepping for this column, Nicole took in Devo and White Denim and bits from both follow below. She’ll be back with items from the current concert calendar...y’know...when the shots wear off.)


Whoawhoawhoa…. quite the musically-stimulating weekend, indeed.

Saturday night Austin-based White Denim absolutely blew my mind (and my eardrums) at Rock n Roll Hotel.

I’ve been listening to this band for a few years now after they put out their first LP, ‘Work Out Holiday’ (check out, ‘all you really have to do’) and recently snatched up their newest LP, ‘Fits’. The music is kind of garage-experimental-esque and semi-reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. Highly underappreciated, in my opinion.

I can’t even explain in words how insanely good the live show was (‘explaining in words’ isn’t a blogger prerequisite, right?). There was no freakin’ stopping the tremendous trio and they bounced from one song right into the glorious next, creating one seamless night of flawlessly intricate percussion, experimental guitar sounds and classic rock vocals. True absurdity. I’m tempted to say that this is the best live show I’ve ever seen ever…… that really means a lot.

Alsooo...the band members themselves were super-chill and manned the merch booth before and after the show, asking me what I recommended in the city and discussing their favorite cities to play. I was also really excited that they all happily signed my vinyl (which, by the way, comes with BOTH the new and old albums. Genius.)

Sunday night. Went with good ol’ papadukes to see DEVO. Mark Mothersbaugh is 59 freakin’ years old and god-damn he is good. Fortunately, the weirdness hasn’t subsided at all, either.

Anticipation was high at 930 club for this sold out performance in which Devo was to play the ‘Q-Are We Not Men A-We are Devo’ album in full. The crowd was just as you’d expect for a Devo show. I saw plenty of dudes with more grey hairs than not, various sightings of the Devo-typical red Energy Dome hats and I even saw one dude wearing a shirt that also functioned as a digital clock.

Lights went down right on schedule at 9pm to a packed venue and the video for ‘Jocko Homo’ began playing on the white screen behind the stage. This video tops the weird charts and includes oddities such as gorillas spanking the bums of ‘ugly-masked’ ladies (see video below, words do not do this video justice…). Way weird, but in a totally awesome sort of way. Post-video, Devo came out in their typical yellow rubber suits which they ripped off and threw into the crowd half-way through the night. The show was rad, indeed (granted, the show was packed and I’m a whole 5-nothing, so actually seeing the action was a bit difficult), although they ended sans-encore, and sans the hit song, ‘Whip-it’.

I’m sure many of you witnessed this tremendously-funky spectacle; I’m sure many of you with much more Devo experience than I…. What did YOU GUYS think???? How do you feel about the lack of encore or ‘whip-it’?? How was the following nights show???

White Denim - All You Really Have To Do (BBC Hub Session) (Mp3)
Devo - Secret Agent Man (Mp3)

TVD's Rate That Record

In an odd bit of timing as we're inaugurating our regurgitation of the Mp3's we're sent for your thumbs up or thumbs down (and by the way don't overload us with feedback...sheez...) Dick Clark, the originator of the concept and "America's Oldest Teenager" turned 80 yesterday. (That's a lot of Clearasil.)

I kid.

Onto the records!

Daisy McCrackin - Say You Do (Mp3)
"Daisy's been getting a lot of good press lately—including a rave of a live show from L.A. Weekly—and her sound has garnered comparisons to Beth Orton, Lisa Hannigan, Suzanne Vega and Joni Mitchell..."

O'Spada - Ten Strikes (Radio Edit) (Mp3)
"O'Spada was formed in Stockholm 2006 by five individuals with a very varied background in music, and forged a clash between soul and funk meeting hip hop and rock, creating their own unique sound. They gradually earned a reputation mainly through MySpace and their vivid live performances, handing them a record deal at Despotz Records in 2008. The spring and summer has been spent recording the so far untitled debut album planned for release early 2010."

Thee American Revolution - Power House (Mp3)
"Lo-fi heavy psych-pop acid rockers Thee American Revolution began as a home-recording collaboration between Elephant 6 co-founder Robert Schneider and brother-in-law Craig Morris. Schneider is best known as front-man of The Apples in stereo, and producer of many beloved records, including both Neutral Milk Hotel albums..."

TVD Recommends | Soul: The Classics (An Album Cover Art Exploration)

Without a doubt, a fine way to spend tomorrow evening. From the press release:

Soul. It’s considered by most to be a weighty word. It’s used to describe a variety of people, places, and things and even the most intangible of ideas. Soul has implications of every kind, from food to the spiritual, but perhaps none are greater than it being used to define an era and a genre of music.

Coming off the success of their previous RAP exhibition, on Wednesday, December 2, Art vs Commerce, Smirnoff Vodka, and The Source Magazine will again partner on the second installment of The Classics – with Series 2: SOUL.

Similar to the first exhibition, this version will feature a bevy of album cover art, however this one will consist of over forty classic Soul album covers, courtesy of DJ YZO. SOUL, in some ways, will actually serve as a prequel to RAP, in that a variety of the albums on display contain songs that have been sampled and used in many classic rap music records.

Taking it’s lead from RAP, SOUL will take place at Lounge of 3 (1013 U St. NW) from 5pm-9pm and will again have Nick Da 1da and DJ 2-Tone Jones providing the sounds, along with DJ YZO. Guests will also be treated to a new series of complimentary signature cocktails from 7pm-9pm courtesy of Smirnoff, which include the Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott Heron.