Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TVD's Simple Aesthetics

I thought it pretty funny for a while that it seemed everywhere I looked, people of a certain age were dressing like Bobby Brady was a legitimate style and fashion icon. I dig the 70’s like the next person (I think?) but the peg-legged Toughskins look with the Chucks just seemed a little...silly to me.

Fast forward an hour or so later and the 80’s have been back (and probably morphing into something else literally as I type this...) which cracks me up too because it’s not the ‘best’ of the ‘80’s look, but the look sported by every douchebag I loathed in high school. (Right – lingering issues.) The Members Only jackets...and the boat shoes...BOAT shoes. I swear if I see lacing on the SIDES of shoes, it’s all I can do to not haul off on someone.

(And while I’m at it, if we’re not at the beach or the pool, gentlemen...I should not be seeing feet. Warm weather does not = f’n feet season.)

TVD’s simple aesthetic #2: Footwear of distinction.

Man...this is liberating.

The Vapors - Spiders (Mp3)
Suburban Studs - I Hate School (Mp3)
Ultravox - Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead (Mp3)
Undertones - True Confessions (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! [Live '79] (Mp3)