Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A TVD Ticket Giveaway | Elizabeth & the Catapult, Friday (6/19) at The Red and The Black

Last Wednesday we sung the praises of Elizabeth & the Catapult in our weekly First Date feature—and this week you can sing right along with us as the band pull into The Red and The Black this Friday night (6/19).

TVD’s got a pair of tickets to the show for one effervescent commenter who wishes to be catapulted front and center. State your case in the comments below with some contact info and we’ll hook you up for Friday night. We’ll choose our winner Friday morning...

Elizabeth & the Catapult - Taller Children (Mp3)

TVD Three-Way Action | Vox Pop

We’ve got a bit of an atypical week here at TVD in advance of a show we’ve been looking forward to for some time. On June 23rd, the Black Cat hosts a stellar triple bill with We Were Pirates, Voxpop, and Mittenfields and in lieu of our normal First Date feature this week, we’re just gonna date ‘em all. One a day, three-way style.

Next up: Vox Pop who ALSO happen to be appearing this Friday night along with Elizabeth & the Catapult at The Red and The Black...a show for which STILL have some FREE tickets. We chatted with VP's Jess Because earlier in the week:

"I still remember when my grandma sold her old record player at a garage sale. I must have been 4 or 5 but even then I was sad to see it go. I have been collecting vinyl for years and my living room reflects this hobby. Between Patrick (vox and guitar for Vox Pop/boyfriend/roomie) and I, we probably couldn't listen to all of our records one time through even if we were snowed in for a month. Although we sure would love to try.

Most of my best purchases were based on aesthetics and design. For almost a year I have had a specific piano melody stuck in my head. I've tried digging through and finding it by sight since I couldn't remember the name of the composer anymore, but just wasn't having any luck. A week ago I rented ‘Man on a Wire.’ Halfway through the film you'll never guess what beautiful piano solo played while Philippe Petit danced on a high wire. I spent the next day buried in boxes determined to find this album. And I did. √Čric Alfred Leslie Satie has been spinning on my record player ever since.

Vinyl is art. It's a tangible thing you can hold and admire. Vinyl has the power to possess memories and trigger emotions. And my favorite thing about vinyl is the fact it is makes listening to music an activity. With the advancement of technology music is everywhere, it's like wallpaper. With records, when I put one on, it's to listen to it. Not to do a million other things while it is on. I like to cuddle up, beverage in hand, alone or with friends and just enjoy a great album. I feel like "listening to music" has gone the way of the Dodo bird, but I refuse to give it up."

Vox Pop - Ten by Ten Square (Mp3)