Wednesday, November 28, 2007

TVD Recommends: Pale Young Gentlemen

Here at TVD HQ we get ton's o' spam. I mean, not a day goes by where the mailbox isn't full of solicitations, requests, promos, Viagra offers (really, is Viagra that plentiful?!) and of course, band promotions. And very few of the latter are worth our time. Except yesterday when we were contacted by Wisconsin's Pale Young Gentlemen. In their own words, "think Jacques Brel meets Randy Newman meets rowdy thespians" yet, there's an English-baroque-barroom aesthetic often championed by Queen and the Kinks that's quite appealing here as well. Give them a spin and see if we're off our glam-rocker.

Pale Young Gentlemen - Fraulein (Mp3)
Pale Young Gentlemen - Saturday Night (Mp3)

TVD's Morning Wax | The Bolshoi "Friends"

I’ll tell you one thing I like about Oscar Wilde. On his deathbed he looked at the walls and he went, “That wallpaper is horrendous. One of us has to go.” Then he died. That’s fucking genius. That’s how you go out. That’s how life should be.
The Bolshoi - Happy Boy (Mp3)
The Bolshoi - Modern Man (Mp3)
The Bolshoi - Sunday Morning (Mp3)
The Bolshoi - Books On The Bonfire (Mp3)
The Bolshoi - Away (12" version) (Mp3)