Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TVD First Date With | Inward Eye

Fresh off the road supporting The Who, you'd think that Winnipeg's Inward Eye, who cite influences as varied as The Kinks, The Jam, Smokey Robinson, and Holland-Dozier-Holland, might have a thing or two to say regarding vinyl records. And you'd be right.

We caught up with the trio's bassist and vocalist Dave Erickson, with a flashback or five:

"My earliest memory of vinyl records was the smell. Opening my dad's wooden drawer filled with old relics, I remember this earthy organic smell filling the air, much like the sound. Flipping through the strange looking artwork wondering what they all sounded like is how I first fell in love with music.

I remember hearing vinyl for the first time and loving the warmth of the bass and how everything seemed to meld into one big sound, like it was pulsing together, with a real heart and soul. You really can't achieve that with a CD or iPod. Some may say that a CD has a "truer" sound because it has a greater bandwidth, but there is something about putting on an old record that seems to suspends reality for moment without the sterile pro-tooled sound."

INWARD EYE - SHAME from Rémy M.Larochelle on Vimeo.

TVD's One Million Screaming Girls

(...I'd like to see the faces of those of you who're visiting TVD for the first time right about now.)

That's correct--your eyes aren't playing tricks on you--it's an Osmond Brothers record cover! We're doing an experiment to see if Top 40 radio from the classic Tiger Beat era was worth it's salt! ...And we don't know why...!

Now, where was I?? Ahem. ...2, 3, 4... "Aaand they called it/puppy love..."

The Osmonds - One Bad Apple (Mp3)
The Osmonds - Crazy Horses (Mp3)
Donny Osmond - Sweet and Innocent (Mp3)
Donny Osmond - Go Away Little Girl (Mp3)
Donny Osmond - Puppy Love (Mp3)