Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TVD First Date with | Roofwalkers

Here is where we’d typically introduce Roofwalkers in our Wednesday ‘First Date’ feature, but seeing that we did so on Monday, we’re just going to dive in with Adrian Carroll’s tales of life abroad. On vinyl.

"When I was a college undergrad I lived abroad in Spain for a while. Lots of folks had painted living abroad as the best kicks of their life. But I didn't really find it to be. It was exciting and all that, and an important growing experience, but I found it pretty isolating and lonely at times.  

I lived with an older divorced woman named Nieves.  My room in the flat had once belonged to her son, and it was still furnished with much of his older belongings, including a turntable and his LP collection. There were nights when I could have probably attempted to be more social, at least with the other American students. But I figured I'd gone to Spain to learn a foreign language, not to hang out with other expats in Irish pubs. I was eager to meet natives, but the reality is that it takes a good bit of time to do that.

So on nights I didn't go out, I'd stay in and watch Spanish sitcoms with Nieves. And when the sitcoms ended, I'd retire to her son's former room and play records all night.  

Her son's teenage years were in the 80s, and his record collection reflected that. I dug through them all--most of it was familiar top 40 stuff from the 80s. My top three were the first Dire Straits LP, Prince's "Purple Rain," and Sade's "Love Deluxe." I never thought I'd admit in public that I like Sade, but I gotta say it's good shit. A guilty pleasure perhaps.    

And that Dire Straits LP--I still listen to it regularly. I'm sure it's about as uncool a record as you can cite as a favorite, but it is for me. Hands down, one of the best. For guitar dorks especially. "Six Blade Knife" slays every time. So on to the significance of vinyl with the whole thing. For me vinyl represents listening to music to listen to music--not to do the dishes, go running, or catch up on email. You sit there and open your ears for 20 odd minutes at a time, and then get up to flip the record. I still resist downloading music. I feel like the music I download ends up getting forgotten. If there's something I want to hear and really soak in, I'll go find it on vinyl."

Roofwalkers - Chin Music (Mp3)
Roofwalkers - They Think They Own The Place (Mp3)