Thursday, March 20, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Aztec Camera "High Land, Hard Rain"

...reminds me that the smallest, most innocuous of events--in this case, a rainy afternoon, mid-Fall trip to another record store (Record World in Seaview Square Mall--where yours truly would ultimately find employment)...could pay the largest dividends many years on. So, you parents out there, pull your kids away from Guitar Hero for one afternoon and take them to an honest-to-goodness, brick-and-mortar record store. Many years down the line they might find themselves eternally grateful--and who knows--they may even blog about it some day...

Aztec Camera - Back On Board (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Down The Dip (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Haywire (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Orchid Girl (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters (Mp3)