Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TVD Gets Lucky

An update to yesterday's post—I've been corrected. The exact quote was:

"The kind of music that will hypnotize you and make you take your clothes off."

We strive for accurate reporting here at TVD. We apologize for the slip up despite how articulate we sound - even at 2:30 AM.

Today's (tonight's - right?) selection I like to call (in transfixed 2:30 AM parlance) "The House is on Fire."

A few of you will get it. And more than a few won't get it at all.

Rain Tree Crow - Big Wheels In Shanty Town (Mp3)
Rain Tree Crow - Every Colour You Are (Mp3)
Rain Tree Crow - Red Earth (as summertime ends) (Mp3)
Rain Tree Crow - Pocket Full Of Change (Mp3)
Rain Tree Crow - Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City (Mp3)