Friday, December 17, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I'm writing to you tired and jet lagged as I just returned from a week's holiday in my home town of New York City. It was a week of time spent with family and freezing cold east coast weather. My big plan was to do the "family thing" before the holiday rush and so I can nestle into the canyon for Christmas week.

I guess in some roundabout way this Idelic holiday playlist came together much as families do for occasions. Although the cast of family characters may vary in age and style, there remains a strong connection that makes complete sense.

The intention is fairly simple—a New York holiday card in the form of a Christmas playlist. With a mix of old classics like Guaraldi, Lennon, and Waits that we can snuggle up to the yule time log with. I've added new favorites like Sean Rowe, Ivan & Alyosha, Beach House, Suffjan and even new PJ Harvey!

Have a warm, safe and "Idelic" holiday season. Hold your family, friends, and songs close.

So here's your Holiday Card, Merry Xmas!

THE IDELIC HIT OF THE WEEK: Ivan & Alyosha - "Glorify"

xosidealer | @sidelic

TVD Takeover | True Womanhood

True Womanhood concludes our very last (and we mean it) TVD Takeover Week ever:

Being in a band means spending a lot of time in a car. When we drive around we usually have the radio on and in this area that means we are tuning into our favorite stations, usually
95.5 (WPGC) and 93.9 (WKYS). These are the best two stations by far and here are 5 of our favorites from their play lists:

trey songz - bottoms up (feat. Nicki Minaj)

We like this song because it sends a good message to young people and promotes drinking responsibly.

gucci mane - beat it up (feat. trey songz)


iyaz - replay

dude wrote a catchy song

kanye west - monster (feat. everybody)

yes yes that’s my fuckin song!

usher - there goes my baby

1 4 tha l8dyz


TVD's DC Record Store Holiday Shopping Spree!'s back for a second year!

Did you know you can walk to four of Washington, DC’s finest record stores in a span of maybe 15-20 minutes? It’s no joke. I do it often.

The folks who wake up each morning, head downtown, and turn on the lights at Crooked Beat Records, Red Onion Records, Smash! Records, and Som Records would like to remind you this holiday season that vinyl makes THE perfect gift for yourself or some other crate digger on your shopping list.

As a reminder, all four shops are dangling a carrot in the form of $25.00 in store credit for ONE winner to extend the season of giving—right to your turntable. That’s $100.00 to wander from store to store in TVD’s DC Record Store Holiday Shopping Spree.

Here’s how it’ll work: we invite you to sing the praises of your local scene in the comments to this post with contact info (very important!) and the one that warms our collective spirits will be awarded the shopping spree. You don’t have to be a DC resident to enter and win, but you have to redeem your store credit in person at each of the four shops.

We’re choosing the winner for TVD's DC Record Store Holiday Shopping Spree on Monday, 12/20 to give you the last few days before the Christmas holiday to make the 20 minute trek from store to store.

( after a Bloody Mary or 5. Trust me on this.)