Monday, October 19, 2009

TVD | I Go Walking

Having taken the time to rummage through 1,000 previous posts as I did last week, one thing has become apparent: I've COMPLETELY lost the plot to this whole endeavor.

But found a different one I didn't anticipate.

At the outset, the pipe dream was pretty standard—your one stop for vinyl news and reviews coupled with some personal anecdotes. Y’ know, the obvious bullshit. And I guess it could have been great if say, there weren’t a zillion of those sites out there doing just fine, thank you.

So it veered off somehow—less emphasis on the regular stuff and more toward the personal which seems to have struck a chord and resonated somehow. MY bullshit was more interesting than the regular bullshit. Who knew?

But as TVD’s grown in readership and expanded, I’ve sensed a disconnect—the general and personal are at odds and often clash here in tone and substance. The source material’s more the EXPERIENCE rather than the literalness of the vinyl medium for example, and mining that resource is finite. AND one note. (Mine.)

So, I’ll reiterate a plea to all of you reading this in your office cubicle today—share YOURS. Write here. Yes, this spot – (here.) Because I’m frequently told that it’s not the stuff we give away daily, the Mp3’s or the tickets or vinyl that keep some coming back, it’s the personal bent on what could have easily been distant and merely informative in substance and in subject that has ultimately resonated beyond what I assumed at the outset.

It’s a niche which I easily didn’t expect, but welcome nonetheless.

I’ll keep ticking away here daily, but know there’s a forum for you to upchuck whatever’s burning in there.

...that said, back to Lake Me.

My parents' dog Pete has come to live with us in TVD HQ. You’d be surprised at how much of the day unfolds before you among four walks daily. It’s grand indeed, the prattling of the brain and music recalled while you’re scooping poop.

We should take a walk.

The Blue Nile - A Walk Across The Rooftops (Mp3)

Queen - Funny How Love Is (Mp3)
The Plimsouls - Lost Time (Mp3)
Wilco - Impossibly Germany (Mp3)
Post Post - Sober (Mp3)