Sunday, September 16, 2007

TVD Turns Three!

Well, that's months -- don't run out to buy us any gifts just yet.
But we're growing steadily and welcome all of our visitors from both here in DC and across the globe, as it seems we're visited daily from every continent on the planet. We're glad we've struck a chord among the repeat visitors and perhaps with those who stumble across us by accident each day. (It's pretty darn funny to see how many folks find us via the key words "home eye exam." We'll word our snark better next time. Promise.)

We're also happy to announce that both The Hype Machine and DC Blogs have begun to pick up our updates on a daily basis along with the linked Mp3's, so we anticipate the visitor pool to rise quite sharply over the coming months. (You'll also notice a few tweaks in how we operate here to make their tracking possible.)

One last thing to mention -- yea, sure this is a blog where you expect us to mouth off, post and pontificate, but really what we're shooting for is a conversation. Like a linked tune? Let us know. You'd rather eat glass than listen to something we've recommended? Wanna hear it. Got a request? Happy to oblige. Tourettes? We're not afraid of a little dirty talk. Just chime in and participate.

Lastly, here's just a bit of what you'd be humming to yourself by now as a loyal TVD visitor. We'll see you in the morning.

Snowden - Anti-Anti (Mp3)
Bedroom Walls - In Anticipation Of Your Suicide (Mp3)
Bee and Flower - Don't Say Don't Worry (Mp3)
Prefab Sprout - Dragons (Mp3)
I Am Kloot - Working To Work (Mp3)
Silver Sun - This 'n' That (Mp3)
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl of My Dreams (Mp3)
Foreign Born - In The Shape (Mp3)
The Chameleons - Intrigue In Tangiers (Mp3)
Adrian Borland Sea Of Noise (Mp3)