Monday, July 13, 2009

TVD Aches

My old landlord Big Andy would tell you I made a pretty solid career of it a while back. Red wine, brooding candles, late nights, quiet music played loudly. And nightly.

You dredge up more with angst and ache than on the dance floor I’ve always thought. Little pin pricks of emotive melodies that’d do a porcupine proud. Triumphs, disappointments, loss. Impossible situations work themselves free. A bellyful of ache becomes a sweet soup for two. And gee—look...the wall needs to be painted.

So, hey... take a seat. I’ll slide over. Might as well open another bottle. We’re in for a long night.

Grant Lee Buffalo - Jupiter And Teardrop.mp3
King L - That's How It Works.mp3
Magnet - Deadlock (It's Over).mp3
The Longpigs - Dozen Wicked Words.mp3
Bee and Flower - I Know Your Name (Mp3)

TVD Class of '79 | "Fight Dirty" by Charlie

The lovely ladies on Charlie's album covers always got our attention.

Charlie was a British rock band that got occasional FM airplay in the late ’70s.

Charlie's music had plenty of sharp lyrics, lots of hooks and crisp vocals. A bit like ELO mixed with Foreigner and just a dash of Queen, if you need a guide. It was a bit deceptive, though. It often sounded sunny when the subject matter was anything but.

Take today's tunes from "Fight Dirty," Charlie's 1979 album.

"Killer Cut" voices the desperate need to write that one great single to make it in the music business ... and then get the radio to play it. Which is exactly what happened.

"Heartless," about a woman who's just that, and "Runaway," about a girl who at 16 already has seen and done too much, seem rock video-ready, if not rock opera-ready.

Guilty pleasures all.

Charlie - Killer Cut (Mp3)
Charlie - Heartless (Mp3)
Charlie - Runaway (Mp3)