Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Grant-Lee Phillips "Mobilize"

So, I'm over at Iota a few years back waiting for Grant-Lee to hit the stage. Glance over my shoulder and there he is...amiable, personable, making small talk with folks in the crowd. "Here's my chance," I'm thinking -- I've seen this guy live like 4 or 5 times, have all of the Grant Lee Buffalo records - here it is, my opportunity to say hello. I make my way through the crowd, introduce myself, and we chat a bit, things are light and breezy. Then I ask, "Say - you think Grant Lee Buffalo will ever get back together?" You'd think a full (Mighty Joe) moon had just arisen -- the guy's demeanor does a complete 360. "Never," he growls abruptly and storms off through the crowd. (In short, don't ask that.) Regardless, five great reasons he's doing amazing things as an ahem, solo "singer/songwriter..."

Grant Lee Phillips - Beautiful Dreamers (Mp3)
Grant Lee Phillips - Lazily Drowning (Mp3)
Grant Lee Phillips - Love's A Mystery (Mp3)
Grant Lee Phillips - Mobilize (Mp3)
Grant Lee Phillips - See America (Mp3)