Monday, February 9, 2009

TVD: I Go Walking

This past December, under the guise of a little experiment here at TVD, I wrote that I, you, we spend an inordinate amount of time by ourselves in our daily lives performing those basic, mundane tasks that are the essence of being human--showering, brushing one's teeth, taking out the garbage...the list goes on.

In my teen years which are normally the most social of times, it seemed I'd go out of my way to retire to solitude after school and most oddly on the weekends. I wasn't a loner by any real stretch of the imagination...just sorta' kept to myself with the outlets being drawing and reading, for example. The major outlet however was: music.

I was reminded recently about "Things from England," Scott "The Professor" Muni's Friday afternoon 4-6PM radio show on New York City's WNEW-FM. I'd tape the entire show and later, on walks outside by myself or with the family dog, boom-box in tow, would listen to the program back as Scottso's voice boomed off homes braced for winter weather, buttressed by tall snow drifts that I never seem to experience any longer.

There's a quiet solitude within this winter weather I recall quite fondly when I'd head outdoors into the snow for a long walk around the block or up the hill where we'd sleigh-ride ...but long after everyone had gone home. Bathed in purple/orange streetlight--that was the place for me. And "The "Professor."

This week we're gonna go on some of those walks again with some of the music that, for good or for bad, became the soundtrack...

The Fixx - Stand Or Fall (Mp3)
The Fixx - Red Skies (Mp3)
The Fixx - Cameras In Paris (Mp3)
The Fixx - I Live (Mp3)
The Fixx - The Strain (Mp3)