Thursday, October 11, 2007

TVD's Morning Wax

I've noticed an unseen, yet strong undercurrent to what gets posted here each morning, almost like walking into a glass door when you thought no door was there at all. It's all seasonal—my relationship to music, enhanced by memory of a place and time—has it's own life in the trees, be them green, orange or simply bare. And in today's instance it's Fall, 1994 where this record spun continuously. I was single, living alone in the Cairo, ordering take-out nightly, the recipient of far too many noise complaints, and the leaves were turning—so loud you could hear it. Like this very morning when for the first time I put on a coat to head out into Fall, 2007.

Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Mighty Joe Moon (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Lady Godiva And Me (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Happiness (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Honey Don't Think (Mp3)

(On Wednesday, November 9, 1994 it seems I saw Grant Lee Buffalo at the 930's first home at 930 F Street, NW. How do I know? I save each ticket stub and tuck it in the LP or CD. This show cost $9.00.)