Friday, May 15, 2009

TVD's Parting Shots

I used to feel like a new man / After the day's first brew. / But then the new man I became / Would need a tall one too. / As would the new man he became, / And the new one after him / And so on and so forth till the new men made / The dizzy room go dim.

And each one said, I'll be your muse, / I'll trade you song for beer: / He said, I'll be your salt lick, honey, / If you will be my deer. / He said, I'll be your happy hour, / And you, boy, you'll be mine / And mine won't end at six or seven / Or even at closing time.

Yes, son, I'll be your spirit guide; / I'll lead you to Absolut, / To Dewers, Bushmills, and Jamisons, / Then down to Old Tangle Foot. / And there I'll drain the pretense from you / That propped you up so high; / I'll teach you salivation's just / Salvation without the I.

To hear his sweet talk was to think / You'd gone from rags to riches, / Till going from drink to drink became / Like going from hags to bitches, / Like going from bed to barroom stool, / From stool to bathroom stall, / From stall to sink, from sink to stool, / From stool to hospital.

Now the monitors beep like pinball machines, / And coldly the IV drips; / And a nurse runs a moistened washcloth over / My parched and bleeding lips, / And the blood I taste, the blood I swallow / Is as far away from wine / As 5:10 is for the one who dies / At 5:09.

("Country Western Singer" by Alan Shapiro)

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