Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Yes "Drama"

Despite the volume of whiskey and other things ingested at the prompting of my high school pal Noel to better "get" Yes -- it just never happened. He became a Yes-aholic, and me? Well, I preferred tunes that weren't 8 minutes long -- or a whole album side long. Sheezus. What torture. Make mine punk or new wave. But a funny thing happened -- Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman left Yes and the Buggles - the f'n BUGGLES - joined! What th'? I was in clover and Noel was in--censed. And you guys get guilty pleasure/embarrassing post #3!

Yes - Machine Messiah (Mp3)
Yes - Does It Really Happen (Mp3)
Yes - Into The Lens (Mp3)
Yes - Run Through The Light (Mp3)
Yes - Tempus Fugit (Mp3)