Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TVD Upgrades to the ION USB Turntable...

Some quick first impressions:
"Huh, this box is LIGHT."
"Ah, I see...it's plastic. (Drag.)"
"Hey, it took me only a half hour to get from this...

...to this. And I'm no technophile..."

Next up, getting familiar with the Audacity software that comes with the ION -- which seems to be where the learning curve actually comes into play...

TVD's Daily Wax | T-Rex "The Slider"

Simply put, one of the finest LP covers ever. Photography; Ringo Starr.

T-Rex - Metal Guru (Mp3)
T-Rex - The Slider (Mp3)
T-Rex - Telegram Sam (Mp3)
T-Rex - Ballrooms Of Mars (Mp3)
T-Rex - Main Man (Mp3)