Friday, June 25, 2010

TVD's The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Idelic Papa Daddy O | Spending Father’s Day with both my kids got me thinking about being a “papa.” One of the first words out of 23 month old Jonah was “rocking.” Amazingly this kid is already practicing his windmills!

My hip teenager daughter Zoe is often in the car helping me click away at the i-pod, compiling songs for my Idelic playlist. When it comes to making the scene Zoe is on the dance floor with LCD, MIA and Edward Sharpe but when it comes to requests she is really about the “oldies.” She seems to go for anything on
Specialty Records, go figure!

The weekend left feeling warm and loose but then I came down with a wicked 24 hour flu bug. Thank god my recovery was quick—it left me “extra loose” and grateful for the health of family and friends. A simple thought to inspire this playlist with some cool daddy swagger, soul, and a couple new bands that are filling my cup of late.

xosidealer | @sidelic

The Idelic Hour [6/25/2010] (Mp3, 84Mg)

TVD's Etxe Records Label Spotlight

We'd like to thanks the folks from Etxe Records for hanging out with us this week and remind you get on over to Comet Ping Pong tomorrow night (6/26) for the Fangs Out LP release show with Exte's newest signing, Night and the City rounding out the bill.

And hey...we've still got some free vinyl to give away including the new Fangs Out. Whaddaya waiting for? —Ed.

Taking into account the art of constructing sounds, one can examine what is involved within those favorite tracks. … from the wiring of this piece to that piece to create the desired sweet sound. I love looking at pedal boards, amps, the kits. I am a total gear junkie... and my demons are happily fed. Luckily I find the time to manage the most amazing community instrument shop, Vintage City, in Toledo Ohio. Vintage City is a used and new gear store and I have seen some brilliant pieces come through.

Perhaps as equally revealing as dissecting the actual music and analyzing the gear used is the traveling around and meeting the wonderful network of inspiring musicians. There is nothing like watching them cast their art out into the world right in front of you, and then being able to share the stage and do the same. This interpersonal and communal connection is my favorite part of playing music.

When I am not managing Vintage City, all my other free time is dedicated to Fangs Out, being a two-piece band that I am in with Mark Peterson. In just under 2 years, we were able to travel fairly widely and play with some wonderful people. There really are too many talented bands to even name but here is a short list.

Girl Loves Distortion sister Etxe band from DC blew my mind when we were able to play with them in Toledo. Also on that bill was Hotchacha - a four-piece from Cleveland who sounds are so delectable and have an equally engaging live performance where you can’t look away… one of the hottest bands ever.

Also from Cleveland are Filmstrip a super tasty 3 piece, your ears will eat the sounds and be happy, Freedom which will blow your face off in the nice shiny distorted stereo sort of way. Phantods from Columbus combine different styles with a very entertaining result. We are Hex, a four-piece from Indianapolis rips up super thick sounds that will pleasure your ears and body. They just put out a sweet limited split cassette with Hotchacha.

Also there are some inspiring bands and people in my home town, my buddy Jeff Loose is in lots of awesome bands and also makes super solo tracks, also he was the reason that I started playing drums. and The Forest, Sinker, Sangsara, Dub Starlings, Fairly Handsome BandThe Faux Pas are some of my favorites that I get the honor of watching, that are all from Toledo and are all doing completely different, and very lovely things. Bastardguest a solo artist, who I had the pleasure writing music with for a few years in a former band Bullet Teeth, creates sounds will make your ears and eyes bleed tears of joy,

True Widow, a three-piece from Dallas, will shake your bones with their low rumble and wicked sounds. This list could go on and on, last but not least, I want to mention Canja Rave. They are a duo from Brazil and feel like Fangs Out’s sister band from another mama. Canja Rave generate a wonderful wall of sound for a two-piece, and even though it’s in a different language they make you feel what they are saying with their sonic textures and moods.

This passage is just a quick snapshot of the growing network of artists that I love to watch and learn from at every show. Being engaged in this network drives me to make more music and inspires me to create it differently…and I am looking forward to expanding the community of like-minded artists.

—Samantha Wandtk, Fangs Out

Fangs Out - Black Market (Mp3)
Fangs Out - Polished Place (Mp3)