Monday, December 3, 2007

TVD's Daily Wax | The Bathers "Pandemonia"

So, back at the inception of this blog, I really envisioned writing a ton. Morning updates, midday diatribes, and end of the day and evening rants. (Two words: didn't happen.) I had nooo idea that one-a-day was a bit of a stretch and that frankly, well -- who has THAT much to say? Hence the new logo above. No more "Morning Wax," which seems to precipitate other daily updates, but a kinder, gentler (for my schedule anyway) "Daily Wax." TVD will still be updated each morning I assume, but gone will be your nagging questions -- "Where's my lunchtime licks? My dinnertime demos? My Super '70's supper? My bedtime metal barrage?" ...TVD will remain however, alliteration heavy.

The Bathers - Twenty-Two (Mp3)
The Bathers - Dreamless (Mp3)
The Bathers - Sundown And Longing (Mp3)
The Bathers - Phantom Sonata (Mp3)
The Bathers - Last Night I Loved You (Mp3)

To inaugurate our new daily logo, TVD continues the conversation (and conversion) from last week regarding Scotland's Bathers. "Pandemonia" follows "Kelvingrove Baby" in sequence and for my money is a mighty fine wallow. (Gallons of red wine not included.)