Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TVD Radio Hour

Growing up in New Jersey, I'd never heard what I've come to understand as real distinct pleasure -- John Peel broadcasting on BBC 1. And luckily I didn't know any better, because after a listen to this excerpt from 1979, I was certainly missing a hell of a lot. The diversity is what jumps out at me--unadulterated risk-taking that which the formatted, packaged radio in the States utterly lacked.

So again, I'm grateful to the poster over at the New Wave Outpost who uploaded this snippet, and while you're listening, head on over to Teenage Kicks to celebrate the legacy of John Peel and revel in Steve's Festive Fifty Flashbacks. Methinks I have a LOT of catching up to do.

John Peel Show - BBC Radio 1, 1979 (64MGs) (Mp3)

TVD | Wide World of (Vinyl) Stores

After last Friday's request for photos of your global vinyl ventures, the responses have begun to trickle in. TVD reader CeeGee forwarded the following:

"Recently, I made a trip to Stockholm, Sweden. These pics are from a record store located in the Old Town area called Gamla Stan. A little pricey due to the store being located in a somewhat touristy area, but a nice variety of classics and hard to find albums - lots of German pressings. The owner was quite nice and laid back - while we perused the stacks he soaked up some sun outside the shop. Per Wikstrom, Swedish producer/manager in photo with his wall covering samples. "

Keep 'em coming folks!

TVD's Daily Wax | Simple Minds 12" Mixes

"...Brilliant days, wake up on brilliant days
Shadows of brilliant ways will change all the time
Memories, burning gold memories
Gold of day memories change me in these times..."

Simple Minds - Glittering Prize (12'' Import) (Mp3)
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (12'' Import) (Mp3)
Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In Summertime (12'' Import) (Mp3)
Simple Minds - Waterfront (12'' Import) (Mp3)
Simple Minds - White Hot Day (12'' Import) (Mp3)