Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's a Worn Free/TVD Birthday T-Shirt Giveaway!

I had been chatting with my reps over at the wonderful Worn Free this week—purveyors of vintage t-shirts actually WORN by your favorite musicians—and the subject of my looming birthday arose (yea...this Sunday—one, wiser!) and they said hey, we’ve got a shirt for ya. (Sweet, right?) AND, they said, we’ve got two more for you to give away to the TVD readership at large.

So, it’s MY birthday but you guys get the gifts! We’ve got the vintage ‘Punk’ t-shirt worn by Ms. Harry above (in a men’s medium) and the ‘I'm Not Joey Ramone’ t-shirt (in a men's large) for the cleverest rumination on birthdays because...well, they’re starting to stack up.

We’ll choose one winner per shirt so let us know which one you’ll fit into in your comment. And we’ll pull those names on Sunday (6/7) amidst the ACTUAL birthday binging. (Anticipate a ton of typos in your award email...)