Monday, November 24, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Magnet "The Tourniquet"

I heard a term over the weekend which was a new one on me: "rumspringa".

Via Wiki, "Rumspringa generally refers to a period of adolescence for some members of the Amish community. . . Amish adolescents may engage in rebellious behavior, resisting or defying parental norms. In many cultures, enforcement may be relaxed, and misbehavior tolerated or overlooked to a degree. . . A view of rumspringa has emerged in popular culture that this divergence from custom is an accepted part of adolescence or a rite of passage for Amish youth. During that time a certain amount of misbehavior is unsurprising and is not so severely condemned."

"A minority of Amish youth do diverge from established customs. Some may be found: wearing non-traditional clothing and hair styles, driving vehicles instead of horse drawn buggies (for communities that eschew vehicles), not attending home prayer, drinking, smoking, and/or drug use."

Now, forgive me...isn't that called a four-year college degree? (Also, I find it odd how 'starting a band' didn't make that list up there...)

So, five from the weekend of rumspringa just concluded:

Magnet - Hold On (Mp3)
Magnet - The Pacemaker (Mp3)
Magnet - Little Miss More Or Less (Mp3)
Magnet - Jaws (Mp3)
Magnet - This Bird Can Never Fly (Mp3)