Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TVD | Regifted (It's a contest actually.)

I like to think I'm a pretty decent gatekeeper of what and who hits the blog most times. Things need to meet a simple aesthetic or two and if not, we're not interested. Thumbs down. It's the TVD freshness guarantee—our promise to you that we won't be posting shit. Life's short, right?

So, imagine my despair one recent morning when I woke to realize I'd done something simply awful the night prior (which didn't involve cross-dressing for a change.) I kid. Sorta'.

'Twas worse...I OK'd a contest...man, it pains me to say it. (OK, deep breath.) I OK'd a contest to give away passes for ... I can't do it.

Dave Matthews. There, I said it. ...I OK'd a contest to give away passes for a 3D Dave Matthews concert movie also featuring Ben Harper and Gogol Bordello. GOGOL BORDELLO...thaaat must have been what I was thinking. Damn.

Anyway, this big box soon arrives with high quality t-shirts for the movie, heavy duty promo posters, laminates, 3D lenticular movie passes - the whole media kit. Well, F me...

I wracked my brain. How the hell can I post a Dave Matthews contest on TVD without you, the reader paying me a visit with a bat and a shovel?

So, I Tweeted it. Head hung real low - I Tweeted it. Even had an interested party who subsequently learned that 3D makes his wife hurl. (Right - there was a lot of hurling going on that week.)

Ultimately, the one week run of the 3D film came and went. But I still gots me this box which taunts me every time I turn on the light for the day here at TVD HQ.

Please. Take it. It's yours. Let me know in the comments.

Do it for the children.

Snowden - Anti-Anti (Mp3)
The Smiths - Miserable Lie (Mp3)
Steely Dan - Dirty Work (Mp3)
Talk Talk - It's So Serious (Mp3)
The Hussys - We Expected (Mp3)