Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TVD First Date | ...with Leerone

I have to confess that it was Leerone herself who was the inspiration for this new TVD feature "First Dates". She was kind enough to send a note saying how much she digs TVD and would I give her CD a listen? "Thanks - and sure!" I replied but really wasn't prepared for what Leerone's been up to for a while now. I immediately thought I need to get her on the blog, but until now, there hasn't been a forum per se for introductions to new, new artists.

So, welcome to TVD's new "First Date" feature and our first, FIRST date, LA's Leerone! As will be the rule with this Wednesday addition, the artist themselves will write the intro to their music and faced with this task, Leerone put pen to pixel for not one, but two intros and asked me to choose one--which I said I would...but I actually think BOTH together tell us a bit more about this singular talent than one might alone. So, with her blessing, below are both. Take it away, Ms. L:

"Over the course of a bright-burning career, Leerone has consummated a singular musical style in which Eurocentric melodies mingle with post-contemporary rock rhythms and ruminative solo piano forays. Now comes Imaginary Biographies, the new CD wherein the LA singer-songwriter employs her formidable composing, performing, arranging and producing skills to further advance a fiercely independent artistic vision. Leerone's first full-length album, Imaginary Biographies takes its place alongside the debut EPs In This Life, On This Road (2003) and Hail to the Queen (2005), which earned fan raves for their inward-looking original songs, expressive performances and powerful appropriations of influences ranging from Bessie Smith, the Beatles and Carole King, to Nina Simone, Tom Waits and Kate Bush."

"Leerone is a wayward Muse, willed into flesh several millennia ago. In previous lives, Leerone was a Middle Eastern sage, a 13th century discoverer and a rump-shaking Delta blues singer. The Bolsheviks tried to kill her, but she holds no grudges. Leerone returns to Earth for the food (she swears there are no good boulangeries on the outskirts of infinity). Leerone will regale you with song-stories in exchange for permission to snap your picture. Leerone is 100% woman, but understands that girls are more fun (she comports herself accordingly). Leerone disarms the cattiest of individuals and inspires puppy dog lovesickness. She is good friends with Comfort, Mirth and Happiness, but always saves a seat for Melancholy. Leerone believes in change. Leerone believes in soul. Leerone believes in love."

Leerone - Bring It On (Mp3)
Leerone - Care for Some Whiskey (Mp3)
Leerone - JUNK/Peace of Mind (Mp3)
Leerone - Share (Mp3)
Leerone - To Fill the Void (Mp3)

For a FREE 3-song sampler of Leerone's debut album, Imaginary Biographies, email and include your full name, mailing and email address. Leerone will send you the snail mail love asap!

TVD's Daily Wax | Tegan and Sara "So Jealous"

OK, so - put your fingers realll close together without them touching. Alright, now closer. Closerrr. Now, see that space right there that remains between your fingers? In THERE exists my taste in music amid the entire universe of what's out there. (I like to think there's still a universe within that space, but still.) So, imagine my surprise when a tune on the RADIO no less, stops me in my tracks for a swoon, all 1979 New Wave-like. "Walking With A Ghost". I walked around like a zombie (and a ghost) singing this to myself for WEEKS. And the whole record's damn good too. Those Quinn sisters got it.

Tegan and Sara - I Bet It Stung (Mp3)
Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost (Mp3)
Tegan and Sara - You Wouldn't Like Me (Mp3)
Tegan and Sara - Downtown (Mp3)
Tegan and Sara - We Didn't Do It (Mp3)