Monday, April 28, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Pride Tiger "The Lucky Ones"

Their PR firm was scouring The Hype Machine for blogs that post about Thin Lizzy, and no surprise, TVD came up. A lot. And I wrote the guy back in about a minute after hearing the twin guitar attack and those vocals...

"Pride Tiger finds Matt Wood, Sunny Dhak, Bob Froese and Mike Payette coming together to produce a hook-laden, vintage rock album. On "The Lucky Ones", produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu), they weave Wood's vocals and Dhaks' guitar lines with ease, resulting in 13 exhilarating songs that range from the bluesy wail of "A New Jones" to the heart-pumping stomp of "Let 'Em Go." And this year Pride Tiger's "The Lucky Ones" was nominated for the Canadian Best Rock Album Juno Award. ...When I put on this Pride Tiger album for the first time it was 1976 for me all over again. They really do channel the spirit of the late Phil Lynott. These riffs, these drums and these vocals are truly from a simpler time when gas prices were high and so were our older brothers and sisters."

And for the record (ahem...) they sent me a promo copy -- on vinyl.

Pride Tiger - Let 'em Go (Mp3)
Pride Tiger - Fill Me In (Mp3)
Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones (Mp3)
Pride Tiger - Forget Everything (Mp3)
Pride Tiger - A New Jones (Mp3)