Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TVD Takeover/CMJ Spotlight | Kitten

It's Day #2 of our Kitten TVD Takeover! (Check out Day #1 right here.) The band's in NYC to play CMJ...and well, one could say things don't seem to have gone quite as planned. Chloe's got the details...

Hello again, TVD,

Hmm. Let's see, CMJ...

Well, we played last night, our first show. The Syndicate's 12th annual "Conflict of Interest Party." Some pretty cool bands on the bill. Let me say that the Nada Surf where pretty great live. I actually use to sing their song when I was in a cover band. A group of bright eyed 11 year olds playing "All is Love," next to "Ziggy Stardust" and "Sweet Child O' Mine." A sight to behold.

Anyway's Reggie Watts! He's awesome! I've been a fan for awhile and you couldn't meet a cooler guy. If you haven't heard of him check him out on You Tube. There's a ton of videos of Reggie doing his thing. It's too involved to describe here but he's a literally a one man band, layering loop after loop of his voice and then singing like a motherfucker over them. One man, two pedals, that's it. Sounds like a gimmik but it's not. Check. Him. Out.

Before I get to our show, I'll mention the events leading up to it. Red eye flight? Check. Bags left at airport? Check. Missing gear? Check.

Hat's off to Chris, Sam and my dad though. We had to rent a drum set and no cab would give them a ride. They actually flagged down a refrigerated cube truck in the middle of Manhattan and gave the guy 40 bucks for a ride to the venue. The catch was that Sam and Chris had to ride in the back, apparently being tossed around the cube like a loose box of frozen fish. We've got a few pics of the ride. I salute you brothers...

The SHOW. Everybody was out. A plethora of big shots. Hip indie blogs, label heads, booking agents, photographers. Must have been told a dozen times that there where a lot of "tastemakers" in the crowd. Everybody telling us for days in advance how important this show was.

Well, we hit the stage... and blew.

Sometimes you're on and sometimes you're off. We were off. The nicest way to say it is that I just never hit my groove but to be honest it just felt like it was our first time playing these songs. We didn't do what we do. Usually if the world's shit, I can get on stage, rock it out and forget about it but we must have brought the B.S. with us 'cause it wasn't happening up there.

It's kind of the cool thing about being in a band though, you never know what's going to happen when you hit the stage. Keeps it interesting for the kids.

Anyway's went back to the hotel, cried in my soup, listened to a little opera and wrote in my "Hello Kitty" journal. (None of that is true.) I did, however leave early and watch Batman cartoons at the Brooklyn Sheraton with my manager.

Good news. We've got 4 more shows to shows and we will rock them. Can't wait to get up there, plug in and sing the songs. Sounds kind of silly but there's nothing better, at least for me. And it sure beats 9th grade math class and english, and history... Let's be honest, it beats 9th grade.

Oh... our first 7" single arrived yesterday! It's official we are part of the noise...



Kitten - Kill The Light (Mp3)
Kitten - Chinatown (Mp3)
Approved for download!

TVD Vinyl Giveaway | Mt. Desolation

Mt. Desolation, the new alt-country side project of Keane's Tim-Rice Oxley and Kesse Quin, release their self-titled debut album, Mt. Desolation today on Cherry Tree Records and we've got vinyl copy to put in one winner's hands.

Here's how you win it: check out the two videos below...

...and share your thoughts and comments in the comments section of this post along with your plea for the LP. We'll choose the smartest of the bunch as winner of Mt. Desolation's freshly minted debut.

We'll choose one winner a week from today (10/26) and remember to leave us a contact email address so we can actually, y' know, let you know you won the record. Now - go!