Thursday, October 1, 2009

TVD Previews The Washington, DC Record Fair, Sunday (10/4) at Comet Ping Pong

Today we've got five rare records DJ Neville C will be playing Sunday at The Washington, DC Record Fair:

"Although I won't be one of the main DJ's, as one of the cohosts of the DC Record Fair I can't resist DJing just a little bit next Sunday. What a better place to DJ than a room full of record/music geeks. Being a music/record geek myself, it's the perfect opportunity to show off my extremely good taste and to floss my extensive record collection.

Here are five LP's I'm gonna bring out on Sunday. Photos attached. Some have sound clips and some will have to wait until after the record fair (you gotta be there)."

Piano Piano - The Vorpal Blade (Unforgettable Music)
Tripped out Aussie post-punk from 1980. Produced and masterminded by Melbourne's Ron Rude. Wild stuff. Found this record for $3 at Second Story Dupont back when it used to carry vinyl (sniff sniff). Review here. Ron Rude's Myspace page. Check out the sound clip for "Chance Meeting" which is on "The Vorpal Blade."

The Plugz - Electrify Me (Plug Recordz)
Classic LA Latino punk band. Took me years to find this record and I finally did find it in an x-rated bookstore/stripper supply shop in Fayetteville, NC last year. Praise Jesus.

Eduardo Araujo - A Onda e Boogaloo (Odeon)
Got this one at my favorite record store in the world - Disco 7 in Sao Paulo. You can buy a reissue at Dusty Groove for $22 (OG's cost a bit more)

Here's Dusty Groove's review: Swingin Brazilian soul from Eduardo Araujo -- a late 60s groover that's steeped in the styles of Memphis and Muscle Shoals, but which also has a unique twist that's all its own! Eduardo's definitely in the "boogaloo" mode referred to in the title, as the album's a blend of the hard sock-soul styles of soul boogaloo singers from the 60s, with slight touches from the more messed-up Latin soul boogaloo singers of the same period. Lyrics are in Portuguese, but the tunes groove like universal numbers you'll instantly understand! Titles include "Longe De Voce", "Boogaloo Na Broadway", "Rua Maluca", "Melhor Que Se Dane", "A Mulher", "Baby Baby Sim Baby", and "Dancando Boogaloo"

Round House - 'Scuse Me (Harvest)
Killer German funk/psych record from 1972. This came from a defunkt DC area flea market a few years back. $2. Here's a clip (not my copy on the turntable BTW.)

Various Artists - Distral 1978 (Distral)
In South America it was common for large companies to put out their own compilations at the end of the year to send out to their clients. Distral Industrial is/was a Colombian producer of storage tanks for the oil and chemicals industries. This record is from 1978 although I own two others from Distral as well a few more from other companies. Full of crazy psychedelic cumbias, an amazing version of Beethoven's Fifth by Enrique Lynch in addition to two terrible Ray Conniff tracks. I found this one at a record show in Fort Lauderdale last year.

(Main image courtesy DCist photographer Jeff Martin from the last DC Record Fair. Thanks guys!)

TVD Previews the next Story/Stereo with special guests Bluebrain

Our preview of the musical end of Friday’s Story/Stereo spectrum continues today with the other half of Bluebrain, Hays Holladay:

Black Dice - Creature Comforts
The first time I heard Black Dice was as a college radio DJ at small Columbia University station room on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. As a freshman I was given the unbearable 5-7 AM Saturday morning shift. I'm fairly confident that absolutely no one listened to my show...ever. So I spent my shift exploring the wealth of new music that was sent to WBAR by bands and their record labels while broadcasting it over the airwaves. That was where I first heard Black Dice's *Cone Toaster* 12". Soon after the needle hit the record, it was clear to me that this might be the worst music to ease you into the day. Incredibly brash and earsplitting at any volume. So stark and amelodic. Somehow simultaneously hipnotic and jarring. While I was listening to it (by now fully awake) I remember thinking that it sounded like music that was not made by musicians, but by their delay and distortion pedals late at night long after the band had left their practice space. There music is full of randomness which humans seem to be incapable of producing. What sort of warped minds could really discard all popular conventions to make songs devoid of a protagonist. *Cone Toaster* has absolutely no human touch. Only it is not in the way that naysayers of electronic music typically disparage the genre. These songs weren't made in a vacuum nor were they glossy and without nuance. It was completely inorganic. But as the labels of most inorganic items in the grocery store will tell you, inorganic things are highly complex.

What really sold me on Black Dice though was their next release, *Creature Comforts*. Oddly enough, when the group announced the title of the record, my brother Ryan and I we're nearing completion on an album of the same name (under an earlier band called The Epochs). As any musicians or all artists for that matter know, titles can set the stage and give context to a work. We were frustrated. But I bought *Creature Comforts* anyway just to see how they had made use of title. We both agreed: if any record should have this title, it's this one. What surprised me most about the record is how they had maintained the inhuman quality of their previous work while shifting their focus onto emulating organic sounds with man-made machines. I feel that the parenthetical title of their record should be Mechanical Animals (maybe it was the working title until Marilyn Manson used it). They created a forest of sound teeming with robotic bird calls and electronic insect noises from scratch. I saw them play this record in New York inside of a greenhouse, oddly enough, and that's precisely where this album lives.

Black Dice - Treetops (Mp3)
Black Dice - Island (Mp3)
Black Dice - Creature (Mp3)

TVD Live Tease | Middle Distance Runner, Saturday (10/3) at Iota

Looks like we're out to foist the best weekend ever on you this week.

Hm. Now, let's see...Friday night on the earlier side, we're sending you up to Bethesda for the next Story/Stereo event. After that, join TVD over at Marx Café for 'We Fought the Big One' where yours truly guest DJ's that evening.

On Sunday, we've got this little, BIG event that is the third installment of The Washington, DC Record Fair.

In the middle of that sweet sandwich we highly recommend Middle Distance Runner (with Casper Bangs!) at Iota.

From the press release: 'The Sun & Earth, the second full-length album from DC-based rockers Middle Distance Runner, will be released by Engine Room Recordings on October 20. MDR will return to the DC area for a record release party in Arlington, VA at IOTA on October 3.  They then hit the road for another round of national tour dates, making stops in Athens, Chapel Hill, Memphis, Grand Rapids, Columbia, Pittsburgh and more.  The tour culminates with four shows at the 2009 CMJ Marathon & Film Festival in New York City.
As part of the CMJ Festival, the band will play the Flea Marketing/Dovecote Records Day Party at Fontana's and the CMJ Cross-Pollination Showcase at Pianos on October 20.  On October 21, Middle Distance Runner will return to Fontana's for Engine Room Recordings Official CMJ showcase.  They will play their final CMJ concert on October 22 at Rockwood Music Hall.'

There. Weekend plans set.

Middle Distance Runner - The Fury (Mp3)