Friday, May 21, 2010

TVD's Washington, DC Record Fair Flashbacks

A last batch of mystery DC Record Fair tracks is posted below, this time from this past February's post-blizzard event which saw close to 1,500 snow-weary vinyl fanatics leaving their frosty confines and thawing out together at The Black Cat. (That's the poster art up there rendered by our pal ElJefe.)

We're back at The Black Cat on Sunday and while we were thrilled with the turn-out and the enthusiasm shown the event last time, we did receive a few complaints:

The lighting:
Right, it was dark. But leave your spelunking helmets home this time, we're doing our best Sunday morning to remedy the lighting issue and bringing in additional light sources.

The crowd size: While we can't control the number of folks who show up, last time the downstairs Red Room was closed and not an option for decompressing with or without a pint. This time we're opening it up and making it available throughout the afternoon to hang and enjoy a frosty beverage.

All the vinyl vendors will still be upstairs in the main stage area but we're hoping by providing an option downstairs, we can lessen the crowd size a bit to make it easier to move around and get where you need to go.

There's been a little tinkering with the DJ's set times, but this is the final schedule:

Noon to 1: Alec MacKaye | 1-2: Cobruhhh (Windian) | 2-3: Emily/Susan from Exit Clov | 3-4: DJ Dredd | 4-5: Fort Knox Five | 5-6: John Foster (BYT)

Lastly, have fun and happy hunting. Let us know how we're doing and what you scored on Monday. If you've taken photos, we'd love to see 'em and share them right here.

Track 1 (Mp3)
Track 2 (Mp3)
Track 3 (Mp3)
Track 4 (Mp3)
Track 5 (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

I like a lot of the "mystery" Mp3s today!

Anonymous said...

Shame that this was scheduled the same day as the Arbutus Fire Hall record fair. We can't be in two places at the same time.