Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TVD's Angry Old Man

Y’know, I hardly listened to what’s called ‘classic rock' growing up. Even in New Jersey where one couldn’t escape Bruce Springsteen and that pervasive horn and sand-drenched sound. I was all about anything BUT that playlist.

Aerosmith, Van Halen, Zeppelin...didn’t care. That was stuff for EVERYone. Gimme the outcasts and the weirdos and THEIR noise. That I understood.

So it pains me to no end to make this admission...I’m starting to f’n loath indie. So affected, so coy, timid, under-rehearsed and under-developed, it takes nothing on the chin. And the genre’s so beholden to what came before as to literally induce comparison and mockery.

Gone is anything brazen or brash. ‘Indie’ subsists upon coterie of over-intellectualized bedsitters penning fey ditties--harnessed to standard Gang of Four-isms--for over-intellectualized blog critics. (...wink!)

The DIY aesthetic has been so over abused as of late as well. I almost miss the old model—wait for it--before THIS pixelated medium, back when the labels provided some semblance of a filtration device for wanna be music stars. Gone too, are stars.

...classic rock, anyone?

Van Halen - Dance The Night Away (Mp3)
Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' For You (Mp3)
Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone (Mp3)
The Clash - London Calling (Mp3)
INXS - Don't Change (Mp3)


Davy H said...

Are The Clash 'Classic Rock' now then? Lawdy...

dickvandyke said...

This is a blindingly controversial, bait on the hook, and most importantly ... bang-on-the-money post. Well said Jon.

It would be easy (heaven forbid)for the muso officianado with a flair for .. er, flares and nostalgia to point out the devil in the detail. (Theatrical wink returned!)...

Sometimes subtle and delicate needs to be steamrollered by a grumpy leviathan with a raging toothache.

Sometimes a bare-faced, bare-assed Jezebel is preferable to the circumspect and mousey spinster.

Sometimes, I don't want meek and mild and Green; I want rabid red with the bat juice dribbling down my denim shirt.

Sometimes, that bastard rash of itching from that impulsive reckless unabashed shag, stampedes upon the disciplined thoughtful selfless abstention.

Sometimes you can stick your politically correct toe-the-line anodyne neutral .. in place of the pass me another this one's split, full fat, innards still attached, roughly from behind, life's too short blitz.

If I do gaze at my shoes, I sometimes expect to see them speckled with life's technicolor vomit.

Ahem ... have a jolly nice day.

JON said...

Yes, Davy...The Clash are played on classic rock stations almost exclusively here in the States. At least, IF they make the radio...satellite and college not withstanding. should see MY shoes. Just nasty.

Charles said...

I was talking to someone in an "indie" band in DC. This person is a writer by profession so i asked why they didn't write any songs for the band. Answer: "because the guy who writes our songs is really smart, he uses a lot of big words."

Gee I'm sure Howlin' Wolf would be impressed ...

scott said...

I'm with you, I never really listened to a lot of classic rock, but lately I'm sick of everything new and have been listening to music from 77-82 especially...lots of fm classics, now I find I like them and brings back childhood memories..Post More!