Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TVD First Date with | Lemonwilde

Have I mentioned my criteria for the 'First Dates' feature for year '09? Mantra: just the good shit.

Which is a tough bar to hurl one's self or band over. Self-consciously I actually did without the feature for a few weeks when the crops had thinned. (Get those EPK's to me, kids.)

So, Lemonwilde! For your moody, Muse-y, late nights of dark brooding merriment. (Or, as house band for your wrap party, liiike at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s wrap party in the penthouse at The Hotel Rivington in Manhattan. Y' know, whichever comes first.)

"The sight of a vinyl recording still causes a sensation in most music lovers. Vinyl was the way some of us were introduced to music, along with our little portable record players.  We’d buy our favorite records, and then always flip the record to the “B” side.  There was just something so tangible about buying a new album, or even a 45. An album cover was a carefully planned part of any recording, a treasured casing, lyrics and additional information often printed on the inside sleeve as well.  A vinyl record demanded a different kind of attention—you had to stay in the vicinity and physically tend to the record.  For some reason, we respected all of the songs on an album, listening to it over and over, considering it one work of art.  With digital music, it’s so easy to pluck the “hits” out of a CD and put them into our collection, never really getting to know the other songs."

Lemonwilde - Just This Ashtray (Mp3)
Lemonwilde - Inspired Painter (Mp3)
Lemonwilde - Danse (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

i saw these guys at the roxy on one saturday night--they are incredible. GREAT post! thanks for getting a great band some great attention.


Anonymous said...

This band gets nice. Does anyone know if they are laying NYC again soon?

Timo said...

much love to this band! how the world hasn't felt their rumble yet i'm not sure!