Monday, November 29, 2010

TVD Takeover | Carol Bui

I certainly hope it’s not DC.

First Laura Burhenn of the Mynabirds departs DC for the midwest and delivers one of our favorite LPs of the year.

Carol Bui swaps Washington, DC for Tacoma, Washington and subsequently is set to release her brand new LP ‘Red Ship’ in early 2011—and as evidenced by the first track we’ve offered here and others that I’ve previewed—she quite easily might have one of our most anticipated releases for the new year. The new tracks are exceptional. (And Carol's on the drums...)

So, what gives? Something in the water here?

Well, Carol returns to DC next Wednesday night (12/8) for a homecoming show at the Black Cat and in advance of that date we’re hanging out with Carol all week and going through her music collection to uncover just what she’s been playing and listening to as she put together ‘Red Ship’ (which was actually recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, so there’s hope for our region, hm?)

You’ll have an opportunity to win some tickets to Carol’s Black Cat show tomorrow, but beginning this morning, we’re counting down a few of the tracks that informed the new record.

All week, Ms. Bui DJ’s TVD:

Natacha Atlas - I Put A Spell On You | Natacha Atlas's take on the song by Screaming Jay Hawkins. I think this was the song that ultimately made me take up belly dancing. I love Natacha's more 'authentic' music, traditional Arabic arrangements and all, but this is such a fantastic fusion of blues, European drum loops, and sexualized orientalism.

The rhythmic theme of the song is a basic baladi beat I think (very common in Middle Eastern and belly dance music), and each 'dum' of the pattern punctures the song with thick, throbbing bass. Yes, I said 'throbbing'. The Egyptian bagpipe interlude and outtro are f*cking bad ass. The way she sings, even just 'la la la la', is so very hot. Amazing.

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