Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Vinyl District Takeover | Those Darlins

Remember 'Hurricane' with Denzel Washington? Well, there was this whole concept of "sometimes the book finds you." I feel like the angel of fate placed its hands on some 45s and sent them my way. Sometimes you get the feeling, and although you may know nothing, and all you gotta do is reach down, pick it up, take it home and baby it's you. These all came from a junk/western wear store in Corydon, Indiana.

Arthur Lee - "Everybody's Gotta Live" | Love is one of my favorite bands, but I've never really gone beyond "Forever Changes." This is from an Arthur solo album "Vindicator" released in '72. Arthur's screams kill me every time I put this one on. Was he reading Janov at the time? Do you think Lennon was jealous?

Jive Five - "Rain" | I really dig songs about rain. I really dig falsetto and heavy call back harmonies. You can really nail this one in the shower. In the 80's Nickelodeon hired the re-formed Jive Five to do some jingle work. "Nic Nic Nic Na Nic Nic Nic.... Nickaaaalooddeeaaawn!"

The Castells - "Echoes" | Love songs. This one's a little on the lite side, but sometimes you do need something to play for the grandparents.

The Casuals - "Hello, Love" | Sounds a lot like the Everlys. And I'm okay with that.

The Sopwith Camel - "Postcard from Jamaica" | The Sopwith Camel, was originally a World War I fighter plane that shot down more enemy aircraft than any other British planes. The band was the first from the San Fran scene to have a top 40 hit. Unfortunately they didn't make it past 67. Surrealistic Pillow may have sold more, but at least the Camel didn't try to convince the world they were the ones who built the city on rock and roll.

Nilsson - "I'll Be Home" | Nilsson singing Newman. I put this on when I want people to shut up. But in a good way.

Harry Nilsson - I'll Be Home (Mp3)

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