Thursday, July 22, 2010

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Solar Powered Sun Destroyer w/Hammer No More The Fingers, Monday (7/26) at Velvet Lounge

...and they're giving you a shirt right off their backs. (Well, from the merch table - but you get the idea.)

The mighty Solar Powered Sun Destroyer joins North Carolina's Hammer No More The Fingers Monday night over at Velvet Lounge in advance of new releases from both bands—SPSD's J. Robbins produced "Sender/Receiver" and HNMTF's "Black Shark."

And with a little twist on a popular theme around here, the guys in SPSD have come up with the hoops you need to jump through to win this one:

"To celebrate this historic night of rock, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer and the guys in Hammer No More The Fingers have decided to give away a couple shirts as well as a pair of tickets to see them at Velvet Lounge on July 26th.

The rules are simple—tell us who you feel deserves a Solar Powered Sun Destroyer shirt and why . . . and the best answer wins.

You can say "my grandmother, because she doesn't understand irony." You could suggest "the wolf kid from Twilight cuz homeboy needs to get in the habit of wearing a shirt to work at Quiznos as soon as his 'acting' career ends." Or, you can say "Megan Fox because she is not talented and is married to the white rapper from 90210."

It's up to you, be as creative as you want or, if you are a fan of lame, be as sincere as you want.

Winner gets a choice of shirts for themselves or having us personally send the shirt to the person you choose a shirt for with a note saying why they deserve that shirt . . . oh, and remember, you get a free pair of tickets to the show.

That's one Solar Powered Sun Destroyer shirt, one Hammer No More the Fingers shirt, and one pair of tickets . . . FOR FREE. Be sure to leave your name in the comments section and enter your email in so we can contact you if you do win. Best of luck."

Can't beat that, right? We'll take your submissions until noon on Monday, 7/26.

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - The Roulette Year (Mp3)

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - Ghost Light (Mp3)
Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - Intromission (Mp3)
Authorized for download!


Anonymous said...

where do I send my submissions to? by the way, I'm driving 272 miles for this. Those punks better play the best f-in show of their lives or I'll burp and fart at the same time.

SPSD said...

Just leave your answer in the comments section. We will hold a secret meeting monday morning with Hammer No More the Fingers to determine a winner.

Unknown said...

I definitely deserve the shirt. Considering that 3 nights a week for the past year and a half I've been watching Ross sleep through his bedroom window, sneaking into his room to steal the first t-shirt I see on the ground, and then jerking off into it before burying in my backyard, I think I've earned one his shirts without going through my "ritual."

Sorry Ross. Now you know.

Patrick said...

I don't know if I can top the jerking-off-on-Ross'-clothing entry, but here goes. A t-shirt should be sent to Sarah Palin, because she'll read the words "Destroy Solar Power", think that's a good message for America, and wear it to her next Tea Party rally. Then, because Tea Party people are the biggest lot of reflexively knee-jerk "Yessss, masssterrr" sheep on the fucking planet, SPSD will receive thousands of shirt orders the following day, enabling them to quit their day jobs and go on tour full-time. MARKETING GENIUS!