Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Gold Motel's Vinyl District! | The Thin White Duke

The Thin White Duke era of David Bowie’s career is by far my favorite Bowie alter-ego and persona. During this period, some of my favorite Bowie material was also recorded (i.e 1976′s Station to Station).

The Duke was not as eccentric as Bowie’s previous personas, nor as conceptual. The Duke was the product of the mass amounts of cocaine Bowie was taking turning this time period, causing Bowie’s personality to become as alarming as it was temperamental. At this point in his life, Bowie claimed to have lived off of “red peppers, cocaine, and milk.”
—Eric Hehr

David Bowie - Golden Years (Mp3)
David Bowie - TVC15 (Mp3)
David Bowie - Stay (Mp3)

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