Monday, December 7, 2009

TVD's Simple Aesthetics

You've really got to hand it to Hugh Hefner. I mean, he's turned some men's singular pursuit—naked ladies—into a sophisticated, urbane endeavor replete with dapper attire, a haughty worldliness, an appreciation for the finer arts, with a taste for the unique and refined. Wiiiith naked ladies.

Take a look at these genre-bending exercises for a taste of that hip sophistication:

As TVD ages gracefully and evolves, I find myself telling people in conversation that The Vinyl District and its sensibilities, while all about vinyl and record stores, allows for a bit of an aesthetic that I like to apply to certain things beyond the initial goal posts.

I'm sure Hef said to himself at some point, "Well, what do I do AFTER I bed that millionth blonde? And brunette. Perhaps I head out for a drink? Or maybe I should read a book? I DO need a new pair of"

Because I, we, all dig vinyl and record stores and going to shows but there's more ink in the well, more depth on the bench, and to be relegated to that one note is frankly a bit un-Hef-like.

Over the course of the week, our daily 5 will be a bit of an homage to all things outside of the vinyl pursuits which in some collective manner shall evolve into some TVD-type aesthetic.

So, when I'm not here in the masturbatorium, er..."TVD HQ"'ll find me at the first on our aesthetic list:

1. Dive Bars.

Arnold - Float My Boat (Mp3)
The Last Wave - Bars and Barons (Mp3)
Elliott Smith - Between the Bars (Mp3)
Pulp - Seductive Barry (Mp3)
The Ronettes - I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine (Mp3)

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