Thursday, October 22, 2009

TVD | I Go Walking

I spent a little time up at Som Records last night after a perfectly agreeable walk from the office downtown in some lovely, warm mid-October weather, picked up the new Clientele and Manics LPs AND a bottle of wine, and took the long route home.

True to his newly established schedule, Pete was ready for his last walk of the day shortly after I got back and out we went, the sun down now but still quite balmy indeed. He’s pretty particular about where he does his thing, so I had plenty of time to meander and think. Like a full half hour.

So... I’ll confess something without any hint of irony or sarcasm—I had a great epiphany during last night’s walk. Something crystallized for me, something I knew was churning but hadn’t reached the level of conscious expression:

I think I want to open a record store.

Remember this post.

Oh, and thanks Pete. Looks like I owe you one.

The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are (Mp3)
Vanilla Swingers - Danger In The Past (Mp3)
Magnet - Jaws (Mp3)
Crowded House - Walking On The Spot (Mp3)
Blue Nile - Saturday Night (Mp3)

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Tony said...

Hey I dont see anythng wrong with that. I so wish we had them around here where I live. Only place to get them here are flea markets and ebay.