Thursday, August 20, 2009

TVD Gets Lucky

"Beneath the bebop moon / I want to croon with you / Beneath the Mambo Sun / I got to be the one with you. / My life's a shadowless horse / If I can't get across to you / In the alligator rain / My hearts all pain for you. / Girl you're good / And I've got wild knees for you / On a mountain range / I'm Dr. Strange for you..."

T-Rex - Mambo Sun (Mp3)
T-Rex - The Slider (Mp3)
T-Rex - Cadillac (Mp3)
T-Rex - The Street & Babe Shadow (Mp3)
T-Rex - Highway Knees (Mp3)


kelp said...

ha, what a coincidence.

i had this on the turntable just last week, my copy just melted the other day in that mambo sun.

don't leave your records out in direct sunlight folks!!

Jon said...

I am shedding a silent tear....

Get to ebay - pronto!