Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TVD Three-Way Action | We Were Pirates

We’re planning a bit of an atypical week here at TVD in advance of a show we’ve been looking forward to for some time. On June 23rd, the Black Cat hosts a stellar triple bill with We Were Pirates, Voxpop, and Mittenfields and in lieu of our normal First Date feature this week, we’re just gonna date ‘em all. One a day, three-way style.

First up: We Were Pirates!

We Were Pirates is DC-area native, Mike Boggs. In 2007 Boggs set out to record a few songs that had been playing in his head for quite some time. Armed with an electric guitar, a casio keyboard, a sparse drum kit, and his trusty old iBook, he crafted a five-song EP, entitled, 'The Wolf.'

Some people liked the EP very much. So he kept making music and started playing shows here and there with good friends sitting in as the backing band. Since the release of 'The Wolf,' Boggs has been hard at work building a new home studio and recording a whole bunch of new songs for a full-length record.

Nearly two years later, on June 23rd 2009, Boggs will be releasing We Were Pirates' debut LP, 'Cutting Ties' at a CD release show at the Black Cat in DC.

So, we asked, "Hey Mike - how'd you become part of this stellar triple bill?"

"I've spent the past year building a home studio and then recording We Were Pirates' debut full-length. I record everything on all of the recordings in my studio and then my good friends Gabe Fry (bass/guitar) and Ben Skinner (drums) play music with me. I wanted to choose the right setting to release the CD and when our good friend Dave from Mittenfields asked us to join the bill, we were quite excited to combine our first time playing with Mittenfields with the release of the new record, "Cutting Ties." All of that, and the fact that we all love the Black Cat and are really happy to be playing there for the first time, pretty much guarantees a good show.

Oh and my favorite record on vinyl is "Bridge Over Troubled Water." "Baby Driver" sounds like heaven spinning on a turntable."

We Were Pirates - Settle Down (Mp3)
We Were Pirates - The Three of Us (Mp3)

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