Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TVD Weekly Wax | The Replacements

To be fair, I've been asking myself if I'd have been able to recognize the potential that The Replacements eventually exhibited on latter releases from these earlier tracks today (which harbor some live surprises, so download liberally.)

I'd have enjoyed their live sets, as ramshackled as they were, but could I have foreseen some of the brilliance realized on 'Let It Be' and 'Tim' as we'll get to in the coming days?

Trouser Press again: "When Hootenanny combined blues, power pop, folk, country, straight-ahead rock, surf (or, more accurately, ski) and punk in a way few hardcore bands could even imagine, people started taking notice. Stink's "Fuck School" gave way to "Color Me Impressed," a wise and soaring rock number about getting drunk and being bored by trendinistas that sounded pretty incongruous next to "Run It," a paean to beating red lights. Amid the roaring emergency of "Take Me Down to the Hospital" and the wacky Beatlesque collage of "Mr. Whirly," Westerberg reached into his bag of solo heartstoppers for a naked (yet never sappy) confession of loneliness, "Within Your Reach." A great album that hints at a broad and deep future for a band once thought to be just a bunch of crazy kids."

The Replacements - Take Me Down To The Hospital (Mp3)
The Replacements - Mr. Whirly (Mp3)
The Replacements - Color Me Impressed (Mp3)
The Replacements - Run It (Mp3)
The Replacements - Hayday (Mp3)
The Replacements - Within Your Reach (Mp3)

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Anonymous said...

Nice work. While I love 'Color', the standout from this album for me has always been 'Treatment Bound' - because it works as a kind of manifesto for the Mats. Drunken, lo-fi, self-destructive. Brilliant stuff. Looking forward to the next one!